quinta-feira, 28 de julho de 2011

Portugal Presentation

Here's my English V Final Project: Portugal.

Enjoy it!

PD: I did my best recording the voice!

My Neighborhood

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My neighborhood isn't quite bad, is inside the city but is not noisy, it very green (it has many trees) and the people y very kind. One of my neighbors helped me when I had some problem with the water. I didn't meet all my neighbours because I live in a rented house and I'm going to move out on saturday. Perhaps in my new neighborhood I could meet Nice and Kind people! Wish me luck :D

URBE Campus

The URBE campus is quite big, compared to other universities like URU, but not as big as LUZ campus. It has a baseball field. two basketball fields and a volleyball field. The Campus is composed by 7 buildings, beginning from the A building to the G building. In the A and B buildings are used to teach engineering classes; the C, D and E buildings are used to teach Law and administration signatures. The F building has the physics laboratories, chemistry laboratories and Software laboratories. and the G is a multi-purpose building.

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sexta-feira, 6 de maio de 2011

The King of pop is alive(?)

Enjoy some Michael Jackson's Music featuring Akon.

Welcome to my Blog!

The Strokes - Call Me Back .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine

I made this blog to make my english 5 homework. You will find a lot of interesting things that you can use if you like to!

I'm Riccardo Vasquez, I'm studying Software Engineering. I'm from Valera but i'm living in Maracaibo right now. I'm in the third trimester so if you need some help with some assignment feel free to ask!

I like listening to music, specially indie rock, like Franz Ferdinand, The Arctic Monkeys, Viniloversus (That's a very good band from Venezuela), and some "homemade" bands. In my free time, I like playing my guitar.

I hate the lies, the contamination, the reggaeton (specially its lyrics), discuss with people and the Spring.

My dream is travel around the world, learn about seven languages and work for the Microsoft.

About english, I like more the British english than the American one. I like to understand the people when are talking to me, so when a learn more languages, that would help in my future when I look for a job. I don't like movies translated to spanish because I think that it screws up the movie. The english is the language I use when I talk with my friends from other countries, like Iceland, Germany or Finland. I've forgotten a lot of my knowledge about english so i'd like to talk with my classmates specially. I think I'm not so bad at the moment of writing english.

See you around! :-)